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Tense Video Games

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COD 4 tells you that on Regular, “Your abilities in combat will be tested.” which, if a dog picked up a controller with his mouth, that might be right. Veteran though, is actually pretty accurate. “Ok. We got-” “Oh” “We got two grenades” “I mean, that’s- (stutters) Fine” “Ok. Now, there’s another one.” “All right!” … Continue reading Tense Video Games

What Is Wrong With Pokemon?

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According to a creepypasta I read, The Midnight Game dates back to an old pagan ritual and essentially is a game to summon a spirit. The game is played by a person writing their name on a piece of paper, pricking their finger to produce a small drop of blood on the paper, lighting a … Continue reading What Is Wrong With Pokemon?

Cursed Games

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We are talking about the Cursed Games You Should Never Play… before we get going – what is your favourite game?! Charlie Charlie So the Charlie Charlie Challenge is adapted from a Spanish paper and pencil game called Juego de la Lapicera – the Pencil Game. Basically the premise of the game is to balance … Continue reading Cursed Games