Cursed Games

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We are talking about the Cursed Games You Should Never Play… before we get going – what is your favourite game?!

Charlie Charlie So the Charlie Charlie Challenge is adapted from a Spanish paper and pencil game called Juego de la Lapicera – the Pencil Game. Basically the premise of the game is to balance pencils on top of one another with no and yes written in squares. Teenagers then call upon an alleged Mexican demon called Charlie. Players of the game say something like, Charlie Charlie are you here? The pencil then moves and people freak out. Why do the pencils move… clearly because a demon has been summoned… not because of entropay casinos ca There are a lot of videos of people playing the Charlie Charlie game and it almost always entails screaming and running. Many youtubers filmed themselves doing the challenge and garnered millions of views. Is it real…. well according to Mexican historians there is no demon called Charlie… but I don’t know, any game that encourages summon a demon makes me feel sketchy.

Sad Satan Sad Satan is allegedly a cursed video game found on the dark web. Youtube channel obscure horror corner lived up to their name when they shared a scary screen play of the game on their youtube channel and honestly it looks really intense. It also sounds intense and I don’t like that. The player is walking down a dark ally and horrible radio signals start coming through. During the game play, from time to time a blank screen would appear with strange markings. Reddit users decoded the font and said that it was saying things like “kill, kill, kill” and “I can track you.” Finally, at the end the game cuts to a black screen in which the phrase “Suffering Doesn’t End” appears. Doesn’t sound good to me. I’ll probably give playing this one a miss.

The Three Kings I first heard about three kings when I investigated the No Sleep SubReddit, and apparently it is actually a very popular game these days…. I don’t like the sound of it though! What you is play in a large room, preferably a basement with no light source. You are supposed to set up the space with two full length mirrors, three chairs and an item from your childhood. Once you are done with the set up, you are suppose to go to bed and set your alarm for 3.30 am. At exactly 3.30, you are supposed to get up. You can only play if, when you go back to the large room you prepared, nothing has changed. If anything has moved or changed, then this is a warning not to play. You must sit in one of the three chairs at exactky 3.33 am with a lit candle. Once seated, look straight ahead into the darkness and never look into the mirrors nor the candle. At this point you should see or hear a presence – some people say that you will begin to have a conversation with a king, a queen or a fool. Its complicated but apparently when playing this game it is possible to get stuck in an alternate dimension. Because…sure.