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JANKOS: I don’t know if Wunder is underrated by the community, because I rate him very highly – but if they don’t think that he is the best top laner in LEC, then they are just plain wrong. VEDIUS: Now Wunder could be in some trouble – how can G2 punish, if at all? DRAKOS: Trying to run – Relic now moving forward, you can see G2 setting up around the Baron pit, they will threaten to take this. They fully commit onto Wunder – SolidSnake is there, there is no jungler. We’re all eyes on Wunder, but the Baron is just as important at this stage of the free spins no deposit. Wunder now running for his life – he doesn’t really have any other options, now wants to pull him back – he’s gonna get the Fear off!

Can Wunder actually outplay this? He’s already 2v1-ed, he’s already survived, he’s already bought enough time for his team to take the Baron. Infinity have to contest now, or they’re going to lose everything.

Baron dropping for G2, Wunder is still alive, he’s still looking for the outplay – he’s gonna break the passive as well on the retreat – VEDIUS: Wunder – ! [Vedius and Drakos exclaim] VEDIUS: Wunder finds himself the 2 vs 1 on the Urgot – and this is why he’s considered one of the best top laners in Europe! WUNDER: For myself, the past two years has been filled with – actually a lot of good things, not as much, like, not as much downside, mostly ups, but obviously my first, first split in general was like really bad, and then it just started going up and up.

But actually, before I joined G2, on the previous team I was on, Splyce, we were kinda stagnating, and we weren’t really progressing very well or at all, almost, so it kinda felt like it was almost a waste to stay there for another year – so I ended up playing on G2, and then it has seemed to go, like, a bit better for me. I played with new players, learned new things that I couldn’t do with teammates that I’ve had before, because you learn something from each different personality, right? So, I had four different players to play with, and therefore a lot of new minds to the game, so I could take a lot from there – and ever since then, I think I’ve just improved more and more. JANKOS: I think Wunder is a pretty funny guy.

I think he jokes a lot, but he can also be serious if, y’know, we need him to be serious. And other than that, y’know, he enjoys food, he likes League of Legends – he watches a lot of gym videos, on like “how to get shredded” videos, kind of, but I don’t know much about them because I don’t watch them myself, but I can see them on his PC and I think, y’know, in game, he is also a really good player. He communicates well, he knows his limits on certain champions. I also think he probably has the most wide champion pool from top laners in LEC, so I’m really happy with Wunder. JANKOS: I don’t really have anything that I don’t really like about Wunder – maybe the fact that sometimes he forgets to do his chores, for example today he didn’t take out the trash when his chore was yesterday, and the trash is still like, everywhere and I hope he does it.

PERKZ: Oh shit – so many tattoos, I want a tattoo!

PERKZ: What type of tattoo should I get first? I want to get a tattoo of a lion on my chest – on my left boob. MIKYX (doubtful): Your left boob? PERKZ: I wanted to get a tiger on my right boob. And then I want to get a snake across my back – like across my spine.

MIKYX: Maybe Rasmus can get that one. [Perkz and Mikyx laugh] PERKZ (singsong): ‘Cause he’s a snake! Because he left Fnatic! (laughs) No – [Perkz saying nonsense, high pitched] MEDIC: Well, a win here, though, would put G2 right at the top of the standings – they lock top spot if they win against Splyce. Cannot be matched by anyone else – we’re gonna jump onto Summoner’s Rift.

First game of the day – coming down to crunch time here in the LEC. JANKOS: Well – we lost. WUNDER: Well, it’s the late game Splyce.

CAPS: Yeah, it’s the late game Splyce. WUNDER: Can’t do much. CAPS: Yeah. WUNDER: For sure, I think about it. Like, not winning a championship has like, crossed my mind, because I joined G2 and G2 had not lost a championship yet – or not lost EU, yet, at least. So, it was kinda in the back of my mind that, “okay, I joined G2, and then, I just have to do my job,” “I just have to perform well, and then we will win it all.” Even though that didn’t happen, I still like, want to win it really badly, so hopefully that will happen this year.

But if not, then hopefully it will happen sometime in my career, at least. (laughs) JANKOS: I think Wunder still can develop in certain aspects of the game, but I think he for sure became way better than he was, y’know, at the beginning, because – hopefully we all became better, right? So I’m pretty sure he became better as well, and I think his communication improved a lot, and I think his idea how to play the game, and when to do something in the game also improved. PERKZ: I feel like I can be open to him – we get closer because we were like, performing really well last year, and at Worlds, it was kinda like our meta for top mid, so we were like, flexing a lot of champions, discussing drafts and flex picks and stuff, and – yeah, we would like, we have like, in-built synergy because of that and yeah. Now I’m AD carry, so I’m a bit like, far away from him – so we don’t really like, I guess talk as much in game or I don’t really roam top anymore, so, yeah.

But he’s a pretty good player. DUFFMAN: – Draven, and they just force stuff mid. That way, and same that if they have mid priority, and top is building a wave, they’ll literally – [SOMETHING FALLS] DUFFMAN: – dive with it.

(snickers) JANKOS: Sorry. VEDIUS: – Cabochard today. First versus second, Drakos, a lot on the line for both these teams today.

DRAKOS: Absolutely. Remember: Vitality trying to secure that spot in the top two – that is an automatic path to Rotterdam. And for G2, already locked that top two – they’re looking to lock number one, right here, with two games to spare. JANKOS: I’m very sorry, okay? [SHOUTING] JANKOS: I almost lost this game alone. PERKZ: It’s fine.

JANKOS: I almost lost this game alone, okay? I’m very sorry. I was really running it down. Sorry. Team: Two, one – (shouting) G2 FIGHTING! WUNDER: We lost against Splyce, and we, like, inched out a win against Vitality, so it’s not like, the greatest of weeks, but we’re locked in for first, and we are kinda also experimenting a bit – we’ve been having some tough drafts that we didn’t know was tough until we actually loaded into the game and started playing them, so that’s something we – you live and you learn.

Just this week, we learned a bit more than we won, so, but all in all, it’s better that it happens now than in playoffs, and I think for playoffs we’ll be 100% and we’ll be ready, so that’s all that matters in the end.