What Is Wrong With Pokemon?

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According to a creepypasta I read, The Midnight Game dates back to an old pagan ritual and essentially is a game to summon a spirit. The game is played by a person writing their name on a piece of paper, pricking their finger to produce a small drop of blood on the paper, lighting a candle and taping the paper with your name on it to a wooden door. It has to be wooden, just so you know. Timing is important in this game – you have to knock on the door 22 times, with the last knock at the stroke of midnight. The person then opens the door, blows out the candle, closes the door and relights the candle. This apparently mean the Midnight man is now in your house. Your job is to then avoid being caught by the midnight man, who will try to scare you until 3.33am. Sounds like all the fun I’d rather not be having! 6 – Polybius Polybius is a legendary arcade game and nobody know if stories about it are true or simply the stuff of gaming urban legend.

The story seems to have emerged in the year 2000 in Portland, Oregon and suggests some kind of government conspiracy. Basically the story goes that a black box arcade game started showing up in arcades across the city – the game didn’t have any branding, it was simply black and mysterious, but people were intrigued and played it anyway. The game seemed to involve geometric patterns and eye wateringly bright,colourful shapes. It seemed like the game was hypnotising people, making them sick or, in some cases, making them disappear. After gamers played, men in black suits were seen servicing the machine, which led to rumours that it was part of the CIAs MKUltra mind control pursuits. Storytellers named the game Polybius after a Greek historian who said you should never report what you can’t verify. Whether or not the story is true, it has become part of pop culture, with the Simpsons placing a polybius machine in the background of a scene in 2006 . Would you play it? 5 – Pokemon Lavender Town – Pokemon has a lot of wildly popular games….

But did you know that part of Pokenmon Red and Green might be cursed? The music that plays in Lavender Town in the game not only matches the weirdly trippy purple graphics, but allegedly sparked an alarming number of child suicides in Japan. The music is undoubtedly spooky, horror blog Bloody Disgusting hailed it as one of the most terrifying childhood memories for gamers. The music has a number of jarring chords but is weirdly calm…I think we can all agree we wouldn’t want to listen to it on a loop for too long. According to a creepypasta that surfaced in 2010, the music compelled 100 Japanese children to kill themselves, leaving others with weird behavioural outbursts and others with physical ailments such as nosebleeds and headaches. Sicknesses and suicides became known as Lavender Town Syndrome. Legend has it that the high pitch binaural beats tapped into the brains of children in a way that could affect their moods.